This is a big day for me.  The Chief Superior Court Judge of the Great State of North Carolina DISMISSED the lawsuit against me by Christenbury Eye Center.  I could not defend myself while this case was active.   I am so happy that everyone can finally know the facts.   I founded Medflow in 1999 and had every intention of working with the Christenbury Eye Center to build a premier Eye Care Specific EHR.  Not long after the contract was signed it became clear that the Christenbury Eye Center had lost interest in working with Medflow to create a comprehensive eye care EHR.   I was forced to give up my dream or go it on my own.   I chose to start over and build something that would effectively serve all the sub specialties in the eye care domain.   If your interested in the case please click on the Case DISMISSED tab in the navigation bar above. 




Update on Engaged Care  06/19/2015:

The Engaged Care Medical Email Service called ShowMyCare is in full production serving real patients.  We created an API (application program interface) that patient portals can use to accept a User ID and Password that portals can accept to instantly register a patient to the portal when their secure medical email account is created.     This interface is being used in production by our current clients!



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