The main theme for my professional endeavors going forward will center on building tools and services that bridge Healthcare IT and effective patient engagement.    

I started a new company called Engaged Vision LLC that is focused on the IT consulting services (  We found that we have a talent for building animations that enhance web based communication.  If you have a message that you want to deliver on your internal or public facing web site, please contact us.  I have been very busy providing services to EHR companies that need quality software development work through Engaged Vision LLC. 

What I am most excited about is the new product we are currently rolling out to several beta sites.    As many of you know I spent the last 15 years building a very successful EHR company. I dedicated every waking hour to the needs of that company.   I had very little time to think of anything else but the strategy that would secure the sustainability of that company.   Since I was forcibly removed from that company in December 2013 I had opportunity to think outside of the box.   I was specifically searching for IT solutions that could enhance the effectiveness of the initiatives that are already in motion like the utilization of patient portals. 

I started Engaged Care LLC to develop software products that I know will have a significant impact on the patient engagement process.  The first release of our product suite is designed to give medical facilities a tool that will provide a practical path to empowerment for the patient and their caregivers.  This suite of tools is designed to reach out to the other fifty percent of patients that will never use the patient portal on their own.  

Please visit our web site to learn more.   For more information on the business case please go to our Google+.

Don’t forget to watch our instructional videos.

We can do any type of custom animation that you need to get your message across.


PLEASE spread the word about our products and services.